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domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Going ahead or back guards

I wonder sometimes, if technology is really helping at all. Some crazy days, precisely like today, I get the feeling that technology is like communism. The idea of all people in society being equal, having the same opportunities, values and education is mesmerizing. As well as the thought of being handle with tools and weapons that could make easier life and enable new solutions to the future. But, there is always a “but” in the table. We consider ourselves a factor in the equation and we are not a constant at all, we are the variable itself with the capacity of creating and eliminating all elements in the statement including us.

We are the deficient, we tend to believe in wrongness and recreate it as part of our human side effects. We lack of pure hopes without self-interests beyond our own satisfactions.
Communism gap fell apart when we impose mediocrity and selfishness; technology gap is creating a de-attachment to nature and creating new problems that require new solutions without second thoughts about the cause-effect. The initial problem itself is the one that is imposed as the new result. We tangle, dance, fall and roll over mud that we don´t even notice anymore that we are all over covered with dirt.
Is there any middle point, any balance where we can stand?

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