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domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

Next Dream to Come

OMG OMG OMY! I finished creating my fashion portfolio of suppliers, that only means one and only one thing, that I am almost ready to go to business now and start buying/selling trendy clothes & accessories. I am so so so so happy, I think happy is short to what I feel!!! AND!!!! The best of thing is that I already have two customers waiting on!! jeje, okay it’s my sister and my hairdresser, but hey they are customers (that happens to have an affection relation with me and want me to be successful in the project)...

I live in Mexico, a bit of information about me, in one of the fanciest cities of the country where all the girls are a replica of Beverly Hills 90210, the show... They tend to be followers in all aspects, fashion, opinions, trends, bla , bla, bla. I hate this, the fact that I always express myself mainly in my wardrobe and create new looks that maybe in NY would be adhoc but here, were I live, I am the black sheep... Believe when I say I rather be the black sheep than a follower that has no reasoning and no sense in tastes because they accept everything as a mass and no as individuals. Any way my point was, that precisely because of this lack of individuality I am positively sure that what I am gonna sell is going to be a hit (because society here is so predictable)... Yey!! Negative became the new positive!! Wuju!!!
I still haven't finished with the complete image of the e-store, but I am working on it. Wait 4 it, it's gonna be awesome!!!

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